Sound IT Solutions
[Thursday, Feb 14] The weather is getting better. Sound IT Offices will be open normal hours today for repair pick-ups and drop-offs but technicians are working from home. This means we will still able to perform phone/remote-desktop support services as usual during this time. Expect delays on any systems currently in the shop for bench repair. Additionally, our ability to travel and provide on-site services will be affected. If you have any questions, please call us at 425-654-2502. Stay safe out there!

Check-Up / Clean-Up Service


Maintain your system's hardware and software for security, reliability, and performance

We have a standard check-up/clean-up procedure that is $100 which includes the following services:

Physical cleaning of fans and components

Hardware diagnostics

Virus/malware scanning and removal

Audit of running processes and installed programs and removal of unwanted programs.

Windows system cleanup

Windows Updates

Security updates for 3rd party software