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Managed IT for Home

Affordable technical support, monitoring, maintenance, and security for your home and family

Make Sound IT Solutions YOUR IT Solution

Here at Sound IT Solutions, we've learned that there are some things that every connected computer user needs in order to keep their computing experience safe and reliable. Sound IT Solutions Home exists to provide you and your family with the right mix of tools and services to make the most of your technology and time--All in one place.

With one low, predictable, membership cost, you'll get all the features below.


  • Technical Support for computers and connected peripherals (printers, scanners, routers, etc.)
  • Priority Queuing and Tech Hotline to talk to a tech immediately by phone
  • Managed Anti-Malware
  • Managed updates for Windows and 3rd party apps
  • Free Checkups
  • Custom IT portal

Fanatical Technical Support

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people with their computer issues--and we love doing it! Because of our experience and knowledge, often we are able to solve problems in minutes that would take the user hours to figure out. If you're a Sound IT Solutions Home member, just let us know when you call. We'll help you with your issue, wish you well and let you get back to what you were doing. No invoices to pay, or worrying about the cost--just solutions. We also support the peripherals connected to the computer, including your router and home network!


  • Help with troubleshooting error messages
  • Wireless network configuration
  • Software installation/removal
  • MS Office assistance (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Malware infections

Managed Anti-Malware

For years now, we have promoted Emsisoft Anti-Malware for our enterprise and home clients and have been thrilled with the results. Recently, we partnered with Emsisoft to create Sound IT Solutions Managed Security to combine knowledgeable technician oversight with the award-winning Emsisoft software. The result is security that does its job with fewer risks and inconveniences than any other security software out there. We are so confident in this service that we stand behind Sound IT Solutions Managed Security with our virus free guarantee.

Sound IT Solutions Managed Security is normally $100 per computer per year but we're including it in Sound IT Solutions Home.

You get...

  • The best Anti-Malware software available (Emsisoft)
  • Monitoring and management by qualified Sound IT Solutions technicians
  • Malware FREE guarantee*
*Does not include malware obtained by manually tampering with malware protection or deliberately allowing access to scammers/hackers.

Managed updates for Windows and 3rd party apps

One of the biggest things anyone can do to prevent security issues is to keep their operating system and programs up to date with the latest security patches. Sound IT Solutions Home members don’t have to worry about this because all of those updates will happen automatically behind-the-scenes and if there’s a problem, a Sound IT Solutions technician will get an alert and swoop in to save the day!

You get...

  • Automatic Updating of Common Vulnerable Applications
  • Windows Patch Management
  • Update Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications
  • Updates Happen in the Background Without Interrupting Your Work/Play
  • We reduce unwanted software or toolbars by automatically unchecking any "Bloatware" or Tag-Along Options for You

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

Service includes:...

  • RAM and hard drive diagnostics
  • Virus/malware scanning and removal
  • Audit of running processes and installed programs and removal of unwanted programs
  • Windows system cleanup
  • Windows Updates
  • Security updates for 3rd party software
  • System heat management analysis

During the Checkup and Maintenance Service, Sound IT Solutions may become aware of deeper issues or problems that are outside the scope of this service. Sound IT Solutions will explain and discuss their findings with the Supported User and/or Account Holder and may recommend additional service.

Custom IT portal

Sound IT Solutions Home members get access to their very own IT portal. From this portal, they can view the status and history of all of their supported devices.

  • View and manage all supported devices from anywhere
  • Track support tickets and detected issues


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