Sound IT Solutions is a Managed Service Provider and Cloud Service Provider. We provide solid, in-shop, on-site, and remote PC solutions including consulting, training, and hardware/software repair. Whether there is an issue with hardware, software, or anything in-between you can rest assured that your technology needs will be handled professionally, courteously, and with a personal touch that is hard to find in the IT field!

What is Managed Services? I thought you fixed computers?

We do! But we really aren't into slapping a band-aid on a problem and sending it back out the door like a typical repair shop. Our clients expect more than that. And they should. We care deeply about our clients and want to provide a complete, long-term solution to keep our valued clients safe and functional online.

The following paragraphs from sums it up nicely

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Deploying managed IT services offers multiple business benefits, including:

  • Improved cost management: Fixed monthly costs help CIOs manage budgetary allocations and clearly articulate spending needs to C-suite executives.
  • Increased staff availability: Local staff can tackle critical in-house issues while managed IT providers handle regular maintenance, upgrading and performance monitoring.
  • Reduced complexity: Issues such as new service implementation and software integration are handled by providers, removing a critical layer of IT complexity.
  • Enhanced scalability: The as-a-service nature of managed IT services makes it possible to scale up or down as business requirements evolve.
  • Streamlined response: Managed service service-level agreements include specific response time guidelines and ticket escalation expectations, providing a clear path from issue identification to resolution.

Managed IT Services vs. Break-Fix IT

Break-fix IT response is familiar — but not always effective. Waiting for services and technology to fail before creating tickets and deploying IT resources ensures specific problem resolution but also costs time and money. Software and infrastructure left unmonitored until its next breakdown doesn’t just carry the potential costs of failure; companies must also deal with concerns about data breaches, compliance obligations and regular system updating.

As noted by Rollinson, the problem management framework offered by break-fix IT “is table stakes for managed IT services.” While managed services include problem response and remediation, they also include proactive systems monitoring to solve for potential problems before critical services suffer.

Put simply, managed IT services provides support for technology breakdowns but puts the emphasis where it belongs: on the solution.

What Does this Mean For Me?

As a company, we have made a fundamental decision to value quality of service over quantity of service. Our mission is to provide high quality service to a smaller group of clients, rather than provide mediocre service to a larger client base. Our members get access to a whole stack of services designed to make sure their online experience is Secure, Reliable, and Supported.

We realize that this model doesn't work for everyone. It is an unfortunate reality that many of our clients that have previously worked with us in a break-fix capacity will decide not to take advantage of the superior service this model provides. For a time, we will continue to support these clients under the break/fix model but with a few caveats:

  • Members First

    Our members take priority. We will give our best effort to help everybody as efficiently and effectively as possible but if it comes down to it, we will always prioritize our members. It's in their contract. (It's worth noting that even with this, our response and turnaround times still blow away other break/fix shops most of the time).

  • Service Cost

    Our members have a standard stack of technologies and part of the service we provide them is to ensure a baseline of functionality and health monitoring. By doing this, they have fewer issues and those issues are more likely to be resolved quickly. We return this efficiency to our members in the form of free quick (or minor) support, and significantly lower rates on their support credits. Break/fix clients will pay more for their support credits.

  • Quick Questions

    We frequently get calls from people that ask to speak to a technician "just to ask a quick question". Our technicians are constantly working on issues and tickets. It is extremely disruptive for them to break away from an issue they are currently working to answer a question. Quick or otherwise. Therefore, ability to speak to a technician on demand is a service that we are not able to provide to the general public. Our members are able to call in and speak directly to a technician but break/fix clients require support credits and an appointment. Break/fix clients have the ability to pay to upgrade their ticket to emergency in order to get a faster response. The upgrade fee is there to offset the cost of disruption to us of providing that response while still meeting our commitments to our members. If you are a non-member and have a non-urgent question to ask, please head over to our Ask a Quick Question page and submit your question there.

How Do I Become a Member? How Much Does It Cost?

Our managed service members enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their technology is protected and managed by a crack team of experts and we would love for you to be a part of that.

Price varies based on the number of supported computers but due to the benefits of standardization, we are able to provide all of this for as low as $150 per month.

We also have a membership LITE option that starts at $59.99/month

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