Managed Anti-Malware

($10 per month or $100 per year)

Virus & Malware protection with a virus-free guarantee

Sound IT Solutions has partnered with industry-leading security software: Emsisoft to provide 100% managed anti-malware/anti-virus service. We have already successfully rolled out a pilot program for clients that were already using Emsisoft to convert them to managed Antivirus. The system works smoothly and response has been very positive so we're throwing the gates open and offering Sound IT Solutions Managed Anti-Malware to the general public.

Emsisoft is industry-leading, award-winning anti-malware software. Now with monitoring and management by Sound IT Solutions

  • The best Anti-Malware software available (Emsisoft)
  • 24/7 Monitoring and management by qualified Sound IT Solutions technicians
  • FREE phone and email support for Emsisoft-related issues*
  • FREE virus removals*

What is Sound IT Solutions Managed Antivirus?

As you may know, we've been a reseller of Emsisoft Anti-Malware for some time. Over the years, we have sold hundreds of Emsisoft licenses to our customers. We use it ourselves, and our small business clients use it too. Through all of this, we have never yet seen a catastrophic malware infection occur on a computer or network running properly configured and up-to-date Emsisoft software. With Sound IT Solutions Managed Antivirus, the Sound IT Solutions team makes sure your antivirus is properly managed and working at 100% to keep you safe. We are so sure about this service that it comes with a virus-free guarantee! That means Sound IT Solutions Managed Antivirus subscribers get virus removals FOR FREE*.

How Managed Antivirus Works:

You'll have great protection by Emsisoft and Sound IT Solutions technicians who can see the status of your antivirus and make adjustments to the settings. We also get immediate alerts if there is an issue and can resolve it on the spot. Also, since everything is managed, you won't have to deal with many notifications or pop-ups, and the Sound IT Solutions team will support Emsisoft issues FOR FREE*.


Ok, that's a lot of cool stuff. How much does it cost?

We like to keep it simple. Sound IT Solutions Managed antivirus costs $10/month or $100/year for each managed computer. We'll automatically bill you when your subscription is up for renewal. You can even set up auto-pay for convenience if you like.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is no contract and if it's not a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime for a partial refund.

Contact us to enroll or if you have any questions.