Sound IT Solutions

In-Shop Diagnostics/Service

$100.00 per hour ($140/hr for Tier 2)

Full-Service In-Shop Diagnostics/Repair

Our most popular PC repair option:

In-shop service is the traditional way to get your computer fixed. You bring the computer to us, we fix it and let you know when it is done so you can come pick it up. Because a technician doesn't need to travel and can sometimes work on more than one computer at a time, it is sometimes more efficient than our On-Site Service option.

To get started, you can make an appointment (see scheduler below) for an in-shop drop-off, or just walk in. (Appointments take priority while walk-ins are first-come first-serve). One of our customer service team will get all of your contact information, create a repair ticket for you, and process the $50 pre-payment then get it into the queue. Once we have an understanding of the problem we will either fix it on the spot (if less than 30 min) or contact you to discuss options.

We are located in beautiful Downtown Edmonds (The Bowl). Our address and a handy map can be found on our Contact Us page.


Option: Request Tier 2 Technician

Our tier 1 technicians are well trained and competent at efficiently dealing with all simple and most moderately complex situations. Typical repairs start with a tier 1 technician, who will investigate the problem and recommend escalation if appropriate. If you know from the start that your issue is more complex, you have special requirements or if you would feel more comfortable having a more experienced technician work on your computer, you can specifically request from the start that your repair be escalated. Because of their experience and demands on their time, Tier 2 technicians have a higher rate ($140 vs. $100).