Advanced Data Recovery

Hard drive crash or accidental deletion?

Hard drive crashes happen

All technology fails at some point and that includes hard drives. Hopefully, you have an excellent backup service and are able to get your files back easily, but if not, all is not lost! You CAN get those family photos, business documents, or school files back!

How does it work?

  1. Bring the device in to our Edmonds shop and pay the $100 diagnostic charge. (The diagnostics charge is non-refundable but will be applied towards the recovery)
  2. We'll check it in and begin the diagnostic process.
  3. Once we have determined the extent of the damage, we will classify the recovery into the appropriate industry-standard data recovery level. (Table Below)
  4. We will call you to give you a price and an estimated recovery probability percentage.
  5. If you approve the recovery, we will proceed and let you know when done.
  6. When complete, you may choose to bring in your own media to copy the restored data to or you may purchase a drive from us.

Data Recovery Levels and Pricing

Data Recovery projects are categorized into "levels" based on their symptoms and difficulty of recovery.

Please see below for details and Sound IT Solutions's pricing for each level.

Backup/TransferLevel 1Level 2Level 3
  • Backing up or transferring active data from a good drive with no corruption or data loss.
  • Data accidentally deleted from a working drive
  • Data lost because a drive was reformatted
  • Drive hardware/physically operational with no bad sectors
  • File system corruption and more severe file system issues
  • Files deleted and then overwritten after continued hard drive use
  • Light mechanical issues
  • Most severe issues with file system or software
  • Failed or damaged drive
  • May require sending the drive to a dedicated data recovery facility

Financing Available

Data loss is surprising and expensive but we want to make the experience easier any way we can. If paying for the recovery all at once is difficult, we are willing to work with you to come up with a payment plan so you can get your data back. Consult your technician for more details.