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The Dark Web and Its Impact on Your Business Business owners today know the internet is not only a force for good. Some people exploit the Web for ill intent. They congregate on the Dark Web, and small businesses need to understand the risks. What is the Dark Web? You and your employees spend time daily on the Web. They're researching clients, checking out competitors, and searching for information. They are not accessing the Dark Web. The Dark Web houses dangerous, often illegal activity. This includes black-market drug sales, illegal firearm sales, and illicit pornography. The Dark Web's ... Read More
Making Technology Another Target for Continuous Improvement Your business likely talks a lot about continuous improvement. It's everyone's goal, right? Yet "set it and forget it" is a common approach to handling business technology. Here's why IT needs your ongoing attention too. Your competition is increasing, and it can feel as if it is doing so exponentially. Why? There are lower barriers to entry in many businesses. The marketplace has gone global. Transaction costs are declining. Technological advances, automation, and AI are making processes more efficient and increasing ... Read More
Does Mesh Wi-Fi Make Sense in Your Home? Wi-Fi is a top contender for a technology most of us rely upon; after all, Wi-Fi often provides our wireless high-speed internet and network connections. Without Wi-Fi we'd be stuck watching another reality TV show on a cable-connected device. We couldn't work from wherever we wanted in our homes. How horrifying! Well, just when you were becoming familiar with Wi-Fi, technology is adapting. Now, you might want to consider Mesh Wi-Fi for your home. If you live in a big house or an apartment with thick interior walls, or your living space is spread out ... Read More
To Backup or To Archive? 'Tis The Question Hamlet worried about whether to be or not. You may be more preoccupied with whether backup or archiving is better for your business. You know you need to secure your data, but how? This article examines the different benefits of both options. Back in the day, businesses kept important information on paper. They stored their important records and notes in nearby filing cabinets for easy access. When there were too many files to close the cabinet drawers any longer, someone would do a big clean out. Older, important documents would get boxed for the ... Read More
    Common urban myths would have us believe alligators live in sewers or people put razor blades in kids' candy. Common misconceptions about computers are just as persistent. Here are several IT myths debunked for your benefit. #1 A slow-running computer has a virus A virus can be to blame. Spyware or other malware can also cause a computer to slow down. However, there are also many other reasons your computer might run slower: You may have a lot of programs that start up when you boot up the computer. You could remove or disable programs that start every time. The computer has ... Read More
You might have come to this post because you or someone you know has encountered a message like the one below:   This is a prime example of something the security industry is calling "panic-ware". Typically, the Zeus virus message is a scam, using an infected website to show you a false alert with the goal being to get you to call the provided phone number, where you will be connected to someone masquerading as official Microsoft support. They will get you to give them access to your computer then will proceed to show you things to make you think you've been hacked and offer to fix it ... Read More
(Updated 2017-5-24)   Hi Everyone,  Here at CareTech, we're always looking for new ways to make your technology experience safer, easier, and more productive. That's why I'm excited to let you know about CareGuard℠. A new service we're providing for home users! CareGuard℠ is a computer monitoring and health alerts application provided by CareTech, your local Edmonds experts in information technology (IT) and computer repair. The basic monitoring software is available for free download, but for $99.99/device per year you can get hands-on monitoring and maintenance from our ... Read More

In 1941 the magazine “Printers’ Ink: A Journal for Advertisers” published an interview with Kenneth B. Elliott who was the Vice President in Charge of Sales for The Studebaker Corporation. Elliott ended the interview by stating the following set of five principles. I stumbled on the quote by accident and it struck me as very much in line with what we strive for here at CareTech so I'd like to share.

The quote...

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With our rapidly expanding capabilities and range of services that now encompass so much more than just repair, it became clear that we need a name to reflect that expansion and at the same time our deep, and continu commitment to caring for our clients and neighbors and their technology needs. That union of caring and technology is: CareTech, LLC.

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Beginning Feb 1st 2015, Charlie's PC Repair has opened up shop on Main Street in beautiful downtown Edmonds. It is a great location and provides much improved capacity and accessibility! At the same time, Charlie has officially left his day-job to focus all his time and energy on his two great loves: his family and fixing computers. These two things combined launches Charlie's PC Repair from on-the-side dream to a full-fledged business. We owe so much to our amazing clients and the wonderful Edmonds community. You can find our address and directions on our Contact Us page. If you're ... Read More
Hi there, Charlie Bot here to tell you about our awesome, one-of-a-kind service called Charlie's PC Protection. We've been fixing computers for folks like you for a while. We love it. Honestly, there is no better feeling then knowing that you've saved someone's computer or recovered a school paper from a total hard drive crash. We live for those moments. But we couldn't help thinking: "What if we could keep those emergencies from happening? What if these things didn't have to be devestating surprises? Of course, hardware will fail from time to time no matter what you do but it should be ... Read More
You didn't ask for it but it's here! (We're clever like that). Every repair now has a secure online portal where you can see the status and even read the notes that we make while we work on your computer--Live!. It's like looking over our shoulders without being creepy. We're all about communication so you can even write your own replies for us to see. You'll also get email notifications if we think something needs your attention. Cool, right!? Stay tuned. More cool things coming your way! Read More
Charlie's PC Repair is sporting a fine new look these days. No, not in real-life where Charlie still wears a t-shirt, jeans, and a ragged sweatshirt or coat. But online (where it counts) we're rocking a suave and debonaire new style with the *queue drumroll* New and improved Charlie's PC Repair website!!! This new site is easy on the eyes AND easy to navigate. It also has a lot of really nifty behind-the scenes stuff like the ability for folks to log in to manage their account, look at past repairs and invoice/payment history, and even (if you're the nosy sort) see the repair ... Read More
Hi Charlie! I just read on the news about the Java software alert, that it needs to be disabled to prevent a potential hacking threat. Is this true? Sincerely, Sleepless over Java Dear Sleepless, It’s true. Here’s the link to the US-CERT alert: Basically, someone found a way to get around Java’s built-in security. This means that if you click a link or go to a bad site that has been set up to hack visitors using this code they can make your computer do all kinds of things. The Java folks (Oracle) are working ... Read More
Dear Charlie, I just got an external hard drive. But, is it better to use one of the online backup services you talked about? What are the pros and cons of each? Sincerely, Daunted by Data Backup Dear Daunted, Your best bet is probably a combination of the two. One of my favorite tech websites: Lifehacker explained it pretty nicely: “Local external drive backups are great for quick recovery when you’ve accidentally deleted a file, or if your computer’s internal hard drive crashes. But what if your house burns down or gets burglarized-including your backup ... Read More
Hey folks! There's apparently a rash of fake Amazon emails going around. The emails appear to be an automatic notification that a recent order has been cancelled. The email contains a link that takes you to a page that looks like Amazon's and asks you to sign in using your Amazon username and password. It all looks legitimate but instead of signing you into Amazon, your username and password get entered into a database instead. These usernames and passwords are usually sold in batches to the highest bidder in the seedier parts of the internet. Sounds crazy, we know, but it's true and it's ... Read More