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Don't Leave Money on the Table

Posted on 2021-02-12 13:31:07

The virus created all sorts of chaos last year. Just take a look at the major disruption to supply chains of critical hardware like laptops and webcams. 

Many business owners simply delayed purchasing new systems. They opted to try to stretch their existing systems beyond their warranty and useful life. Instead, they frustrated their users. They also unintentionally disrupted their businesses and increased support costs due to repairs and more frequent technical issues.

Others just bought what was available: systems that were not business grade or that were the systems that other buyers didn’t want. Those who knew what computers were best-suited for their businesses sometimes couldn't procure them directly. So, they had to resort to ordering machines from whatever supplier happened to have stock. 

While ordering from Amazon Marketplace or Ebay is often fine, sometimes those suppliers aren't reputable. The vendors may mislead customers. Buyers may receive the wrong systems, defective systems, or no systems at all. Sometimes, customers find out later that the warranty that they thought they had wasn’t actually there. In the worst of cases, systems have even been received with malware or spyware on them.

This is where we can help. Even though supplies of good computers are low, we can still get you solid, reliable laptop and desktop computers.

Have you planned ahead for what hardware you’ll need this year?

You don’t want to try to beat the odds that your obsolete hardware will finish the year. Nor do you want to bet that they've got the power today's business software needs to perform well. And you certainly don't want to get stuck with equipment that’s not what you really need.