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Technical Support Credits

Pre-pay for technical support and save!

How it works:

  1. Purchase some credits.
  2. Now anytime you need technical support, the technician time is automatically deducted from your credit balance.
  3. If you set up your Sound IT account with a top-up minimum and top-up amount, any time your credit balance dips below the top-up minimum, we will send you a top-up invoice automatically.


  • Discounts for buying credits in a pack
  • Credits never expire!
  • Credits protect you from price increases
  • Credits make a great gift
  • No surprise bills
  • No late fees

Technical Support Credit Prices

Prices below are for non-members. Sound IT Managed Services members should log in or call us to purchase credits at their discount rate.

To see member prices click Member Support Credits

You can learn more about our memberships here: Memberships

Technical Support Credit Pack Qty Discount Price
1 0% $150.00 ($150.00/credit)
5 20% $750.00 $600.00 ($120.00/credit)
10 25% $1,500.00 $1,125.00 ($112.50/credit)
25 30% $3,750.00 $2,625.00 ($105.00/credit)
50 35% $7,500.00 $4,875.00 ($97.50/credit)
100 40% $15,000.00 $9,000.00 ($90.00/credit)
200 45% $30,000.00 $16,500.00 ($82.50/credit)
500 50% $75,000.00 $37,500.00 ($75.00/credit)

Work Types

Work Type Credits Consumed Unit Type Minimum Credits
Remote Support 2 Hour 1
Onsite Support 2 Hour 1
Call Out Fee 1 Per Visit 1
Emergency Ticket Upgrade 3 Per Ticket -
Extended Hours Support 3 Hour 1
After Hours Support 4 Hour 2

For Example

Bear in mind, the below totals will potentially cost less depending on the amount of pre-paid credits you purchase at the particular time or the type of membership you have.

Example 1

Let’s say you require an engineer on site in a few days’ time (i.e. not urgent) to help install a new application you have just purchased. It takes an hour to install.

  • 1 hr Onsite Support = 2 Credits ($300)
  • 1 Call Out Fee = 1 Credit ($150)
  • Total: 3 Credits ($450)

Example 2

You require urgent assistance as your server is offline, however you are on a Casual plan, so you ask us to add an “Emergency Ticket Upgrade”. The issue takes 45 minutes to fix. With the “Emergency Ticket Upgrade” we give this issue our highest priority (we treat it as a “Critical” issue) and move everything around to work on it for you ASAP.

  • 45 min Remote Support = 2 Credits ($300)
  • Emergency Ticket Upgrade = 3 Credits $450)
  • Total: 5 Credits ($750)

Example 3

You require assistance with a website popup that is preventing you from using your computer. The issue is not urgent so you lodge a low-priority ticket. The issue takes 15 minutes to fix so we only use the minimum 1 credit.

Note that this support would be free for a Managed IT Standard member

  • 15 min Remote Support = 1 Credit ($150)
  • Total: 1 Credits ($150)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are credits required to get technical support services from Sound IT?

A: Yes. In order to access technical services you must have a positive credit balance. If the balance hits zero then we stop work until you purchase more credits. Our Managed IT Members are an exception to this as they are able to call in and receive “minor support” for free so they only need credits for major support or project work.

Q: What are the Top-up Threshold and Top-up Amount and how do they work?

A: The auto-top-up program is an opt-in convenience service that can automatically send you an invoice to purchase more credits as soon as your account dips below a certain threshold amount

Top-up Threshold

This is the lowest amount of credits that you want to have in your account. Basically, as soon as your credit balance drops below this amount, our system will send you an invoice to refill your credits. A minimum top-up threshold of 1 credit is required in order to provide service so we highly recommend setting a higher threshold to make sure your access to services aren’t interrupted.

Top-up Amount

This is the amount of credits that the automatic top-up invoice will have on it. The reason we let you select this is so you can take advantage of the pack discounts.

Our general recommendation is a Top-up Threshold of 3 credits and Top-up Amount of 5.

Example: You have 3 credits on your account, a top-up threshold of 3 credits and a top-up amount of 5 credits. Then you call in for support and use 1 credit. As soon as our system sees your account drop below 3 credits it will generate and email you an invoice for 5 credits at the discounted 5-pack price. As soon as you pay that invoice, your credit balance will go up to 7.

Q: How do I purchase credits?

A: If opting in to the auto top-up program, when your balance drops below your top-up threshold, our system will automatically send you an invoice to refill. Just like our current invoices, you can pay it online, by phone, in person, or by mailing a check. You can also purchase credits by contacting us during business hours or using the order form at the bottom of this page.

Q: Will you charge my credit card automatically?

A: No. We really hate it when that happens to us so we aren’t going to do it to you. You’ll always be in full control of your credit purchasing. The process is semi-automated to the point of sending you an invoice when it is time to top up but that’s it. You still need to deliberately pay that invoice for the credits to be available in your account. The exception to this is clients who opt to purchase a pack of credits on a schedule and choose to save a credit card to that billing profile for convenience.

Order Credits

Use this form to order support credits. We'll send you an invoice for the requested credits, which you can pay for online. As soon as payment is received, the credits will be live on your account.