Sound IT Solutions

Phone/Remote-Desktop Support

$100.00 per hour (Billed in 30 min increments -- $140/hr for Tier 2)

World-Class Phone Support

Since the dawn of time. . . PC repair services have used the same business model as the auto repair industry.

This means: Unplugging everything, dropping your computer off at a repair shop, waiting for them to finish the repairs, then picking it up, bringing it back home and trying to put everything back the way it was.

Sometimes this model has its virtues, but in many cases it isn't necessary.

Fortunately, your computer is very different than a car. Where a car often needs hands-on attention and loud, heavy machinery to fix, most personal computer problems deal with software, whether it's a driver, application, or a virus infection. This means that Sound IT is able to solve most problems over the phone and/or using a remote desktop connection.

So if you need computer help, don't tear apart your desk. Contact Sound IT first. If it turns out that it can't be solved over the phone we'll apply the $50 pre-payment towards an on-site or in-shop repair.


Option: Request Tier 2 Technician

Our tier 1 technicians are well trained and competent at efficiently dealing with all simple and most moderately complex situations. Typical repairs start with a tier 1 technician, who will investigate the problem and recommend escalation if appropriate. If you know from the start that your issue is more complex, you have special requirements or if you would feel more comfortable having a more experienced technician work on your computer, you can specifically request from the start that your repair be escalated. Because of their experience and demands on their time, Tier 2 technicians have a higher rate ($140 vs. $100).