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How Well Do You Know Your Business?

Posted on 2021-03-03 11:44:56


What data do you analyze when making strategic decisions about your business?

With so much information flowing in and out, it can be difficult to spot all the opportunities and insights that are right there waiting to be discovered.

The good news is you don’t need to hire a data scientist. There are tools from Microsoft to help you embrace big data. So, you can make smart, data-driven business decisions.


Analyzing data with Excel in Microsoft 365

Excel is an incredibly powerful way for your business to analyze data. And new features are being added regularly.

One example is Excel’s Power Query feature. This makes it quick and easy to connect multiple data sources.

Instead of copying and pasting data manually, you can set up Excel documents to update with new data automatically at the click of a button. It can help clean the data for you too.


Business intelligence with Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI makes it quick and easy to get powerful insights into your data.

It has a range of useful reports that can be fully customized to fit your business. Power BI also works well with Microsoft’s other apps like Teams and Excel.

By connecting all your data sources, Power BI gives you high-quality insights across the whole of your business.


Making the most of data – want some help?


Let us know if partnering with us can help you make the most of the data that flows through your business.