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You might have come to this post because you or someone you know has encountered a message like the one below:


This is a prime example of something the security industry is calling "panic-ware". Typically, the Zeus virus message is a scam, using an infected website to show you a false alert with the goal being to get you to call the provided phone number, where you will be connected to someone masquerading as official Microsoft support. They will get you to give them access to your computer then will proceed to show you things to make you think you've been hacked and offer to fix it for hundreds of dollars.

If you did call and provide them with access then it would be a good idea to call CareTech or another trusted technician to check it out and make sure that there aren't any access remnants that could be used in the future.

Note that just because the scam itself is not evidence of a virus or malware infection, we don't have any way to confirm that your system is uninfected or healthy. We do offer a checkup/cleanup service that we recommend every six months for most computers.

Stay safe out there!