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WebGuard Internet Browsing Protection

Keep your family or business safe from online malware and unsavory content

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Thank you for your interest in WebGuard family web safety and parental controls by CareTech.

This is a new service we hope to start offering soon. Basically, we'll be able to set up URL filtration to filter out scams, phishing, malware-infected websites, as well as categories of your choosing (pornography, hate-speech, etc...) and ability to whitelist/blacklist certain URLs. Also, the ability to force "Safe Search" on Google for any devices.

We have been testing the service internally at our office and in our own homes for some time now and can say that it truly does make the web a safer place.

You would also get a dashboard with logging/charts for every website visited (by computer if per-computer subscription).

Our price will be $50 per computer and $200 per network per year but since the startup costs are high for us, we're trying to gauge interest with the aim of starting with 100 subscriptions. To that end, we are offering a lifetime discount of $40 per workstation/month and $100 per network for the first 100 systems. By signing up for this newsletter, you aren't committing to subscribe but you will get an email notification as soon as we go live as well as any announcements about the service as it develops so you can keep up to date and be first in line when we do go live.

More details:

WebGuard by CareTech allows you create policies to protect your organization or home from malware, phishing, and viruses, and block access to unsuitable material such as pornography, hate speech or mature sites. Comprehensive reporting will let you monitor browsing activity and real-time email notifications keep you in control.

URL Filtering

  • Automatically blocks access to malware and phishing sites.
  • Real-time categorization of over 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages, in 200 languages.
  • 100% coverage of the Alexa 1 million most visited websites.
  • You can create whitelists and blacklists of websites you wish to allow or block as exceptions to the general policy, for example, block all social media except Twitter.

53 Categories of websites to choose from

  • CareTech WebGuard's policy engine includes 53 different website category options
  • 10 additional customizable categories.
  • These categories allow you provide protection to users by blocking access to categories including malware, phishing, spam, anonymizer sites; Block access to categories such as adult, pornography, hate speech and nudity; or create usage policies to ensure resource protection, controlling or limiting access to social media, video or streaming sites.

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