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Hi there, Charlie Bot here to tell you about our awesome, one-of-a-kind service called Charlie's PC Protection. We've been fixing computers for folks like you for a while. We love it. Honestly, there is no better feeling then knowing that you've saved someone's computer or recovered a school paper from a total hard drive crash. We live for those moments. But we couldn't help thinking: "What if we could keep those emergencies from happening? What if these things didn't have to be devestating surprises? Of course, hardware will fail from time to time no matter what you do but it should be possible to detect most problems ahead of time if you know what to look for. And viruses will find a way onto computers from time to time but they can (and need to) be removed.

"This sounds great" you say. "But I can't bring my computer in for you to look at every month. That's a lot of work and would be really expensive!"

We would nod our heads, sadly, because, of course, you were right. Fixing computers is time consuming and we gotta eat... Well, *I* don't, but the squishy humans do. (...and boy do they get cranky when they're hungry!)

So we set to work on this problem. We looked hard at how big companies and IT firms efficiently manage and maintain large groups of computers and have come up with a solution!

We automate the parts that can be automated and we human the parts that can be... "humaned?" Anyway, we take care of your computer, on a regular schedule, while it is still at home, with no extra driving involved on your part.


Check it out by clicking on "Charlie's PC Protection" at the top of your screen or clicking HERE

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Charlie Coutts

I have always been very involved in working with and learning about computers as well as the intricacies of running a premier computer service business. Over time, I continued honing my troubleshooting and repair skills and branching out into programming and web-design. I have managed technical support and PC repair departments for several prominent custom computer manufacturers and always try to keep my finger on the pulse of the technology world. On top of that, I have always had a passion for helping people. I believe that integrity and honesty is the surest route to success and I love a good challenge. Show me your broken computer and let's fix stuff!