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CarePlan℠ for Business is Comprehensive Monitoring and Maintenance for your IT Infrastructure and Endpoints

CarePlan is recommended for businesses. If you are a home user, check out CareGuard

Why you need CarePlan℠ for Business

It's all about uptime.

Your business’s success depends on efficiency and reliability. We take lost time due to technology failures very seriously. CarePlan℠ is built to reduce downtime making your business both more efficient and more secure than ever before. We do this by leveraging our unique blend of automated tools and human oversight to provide powerful results at a low cost.

Regular maintenance is more cost-effective than even occasional repairs.

The “Wait until it breaks” philosophy just doesn’t work for business. Surprise technology failures can be hugely disruptive. Preventing problems, or at least having enough warning to deal with them smoothly, is key for minimizing downtime.

Simply having antivirus software is not enough.

There are thousands of viruses and malware that will wreak havoc on your endpoints and undermine your business. Some even cause irreversible hardware damage. New viruses and exploits are discovered every day. It's an arms race and it is difficult to keep up on your own.

Frequent virus checks are the key to finding and removing stealth malware.

Some viruses will completely disable your computer, others will do annoying things like cause popups or change your browser's homescreen or default search provider, others are specifically designed to have no symptoms. These viruses and malware can do anything from recording your activity to using your computer to send spam emails and you may not even know they are there. Because they don't have symptoms, they can stay active for a long time. Because of this, it is important to check for them often.

Frequent hardware/software checks can greatly reduce surprise failures.

Catastrophic hard drive failure can stop your computer in its tracks and cause you to lose important documents and priceless pictures. In the same way, software crashes can be hugely disruptive.

Frequent updates and security patches are vital for your company's security.

Networks that are missing security patches are vulnerable to security breaches. CarePlan℠ seeks to minimize the time between a patch or update release and its application to your systems, while at the same time, limiting disruption to the users.

Problems Happen.

When they do, you need someone to get you back up and running quickly. Sound IT Solutions is local, and we care about our clients’ technology problems. We are patient and professional and happy to solve both small problems and large ones. We take time to educate our clients and help them understand their technology better.

What you get

The CarePlan Agent

CarePlan℠ makes use of a robust Remote Monitoring and Management toolset. We will install lightweight software “Agents” on each workstation that is part of the CarePlan℠ program. This agent provides us with the ability to monitor and collect vital performance, uptime, and problem metrics. It also allows us to remotely administer maintenance tasks, fixes and patches across the organization quickly and efficiently. The agent also provides instant remote access ability to help us assist your users more quickly.

Managed Security Updates

An unpatched system or application is vulnerable, but who wants to watch a progress bar as the computer installs updates and reboots in the middle of the day? Our team of trained techs will install Windows updates and security patches for you so your users can spend their time using their computer, instead of waiting for it.

Unlimited Support Tickets

Our world-class support is powered by a world-class support ticketing system. As a member, you are able to easily request support online and straight from your desktop. If we can solve it via email or with a quick-fix (see below) then there is no charge.

Free Quick-Fix Support

If it's a quick-fix (less than 15 minutes) then there's no charge. (Applies to phone/remote-desktop and In-shop but not on-site service. Sorry!)

Some examples of quick-fixes:

  • Minor virus removal
  • Email account setup
  • Software installation
  • Desktop fan replacement
  • Password Reset

Unshakable Peace of Mind!

Too often, it isn't apparent that a computer has a problem until it's unusable. Years of experience solving computer issues means we have a keen eye for possible issues and the ability to get them fixed before they cause problems, effectively minimizing downtime and saving you money on repairs.

Total Convenience!

Nothing stomps on productivity like having to deal with a surprise software update or system maintenance task. Your users shouldn't have to deal with those things. We do maintenance and tasks outside of business hours to minimize disruption.

Perfectly Private!

We use special enterprise-grade remote desktop software which allows us to log in to your machine remotely to perform repairs and maintenance. You always have full control to stop an ongoing session and can enable/disable remote access anytime!

Safe and Secure!

Screen sharing and remote control of customer computers is 100% permission-based, and data is fully encrypted end-to-end using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and government-approved 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Ridiculous Value!

CarePlan is designed to save you money by proactively maintaining your endpoints and infrastructure, this goes a long way toward preventing IT disasters. But we're also here for project work and any issues that aren't covered by CarePlan. For those things, you'll get our amazing service, responsiveness, and quality at a members-only discount.

Service discounts for CarePlan℠ members:

  • On-Site Service ($100/hr $70/hr)

    On-site is great for training and essential for setting up home-based technologies and equipment like wireless networks or printers.

  • Phone/Remote-Desktop Service($70/hr $50/hr)

    We can access your computer remotely to handle all sorts of software issues very quickly with no travel required.

  • In-Shop Service($70/hr $50/hr)

    In-shop service is the traditional way to get your computer fixed. You bring the computer to us, we fix it and let you know when it is done so you can come pick it up.

Guaranteed Response Times

When there’s a problem, you know we have your back. The CarePlan agreement provides reasonable guaranteed response times. We will always meet or exceed those response times.

Response times by issue type:

Critical Emergency (all users and functions unavailable)

  • Response Time: 30 business min
  • Escalation Threshold: 2 business hours

Urgent (large number of users or business critical functions affected. No workaround available.)

  • Response Time: 1 business hour
  • Escalation Threshold: 2 business hours

High (Limited degradation of service, multiple users or functions affected, business process can continue with workaround)

  • Response Time: 2 business hours
  • Escalation Threshold: 2 business days

Normal (Small service degradation, business process can continue with workaround, one user affected)

  • Response Time: 4 business hours
  • Escalation Threshold: 4 business days

Low Priority (Maintenance needed, no noticeable degradation to any users)

  • Response Time: Next Time
  • Escalation Threshold: Not Applicable


Ok, that's a lot of cool stuff. How much does it cost?

We want to grow with you. We know that when your technology is efficient and reliable, you can work on growing your business. We are looking for long-term relationships. As your company grows, we are able to support more systems with a greater degree of efficiency so the cost per workstation or server decrements accordingly. We also support servers. Due to their critical nature and level of expertise required to understand and maintain them, they have a different rate than workstations.
Systems Managed Cost/Workstation/Month Cost/Server1/Month
1-5 $50 $100
5-15 $48 $96
16-30 $46 $92
31-50 $44 $88
51-100 $42 $84
101+ $40 $80