Charlie Coutts

Founder, Owner, Manager: Wearer of many hats

I have always been very involved in working with and learning about computers as well as the intricacies of running a premier computer service business. Over time, I continued honing my troubleshooting and repair skills and branching out into programming and web-design. I have managed technical support and PC repair departments for several prominent custom computer manufacturers and always try to keep my finger on the pulse of the technology world. On top of that, I have always had a passion for helping people. I believe that integrity and honesty is the surest route to success and I love a good challenge. Show me your broken computer and let's fix stuff!

Charlie is unfailingly patient and good humored. I live in Southern California, and he remotely helped me set up my new wireless printer and fax. If computer stuff isn't your strong point (it isn't mine, hence the importance of Charlie's good humor), contact Charlie with confidence.

Anita A -- via Yelp on 2013-08-20

I went online on a Sunday night and made an appointment for Monday at 11:00. At precisely 11:00 Charlie called and we started dealing with my mal-ware virus. I allowed remote access and watched as my pointer flew about the screen opening and scrolling through the possible source of my proxy setting problem. He downloaded a search program to find the little bugger and as the search started going over 20 minutes, Charlie suggested he call me back after the search and not charge me for the search time. He called back within 5 minutes and we finished cleaning up my hard drive and installing a new anti-malware program. I couldn't sign on to the very reasonable maintenance program fast enough. Woohoo, now I can get back to Geocaching!

Mavrick Homer -- via Yelp on 2016-03-06

Although I live in another state, hundreds of miles away; Charlie has helped me with my computer numerous times. He has removed viruses, updated software, and optimized my system via remote access. Charlie always makes sure my computer is in top-notch form. As a middle school teacher, his quick service and expertise has enabled me to continue to teach well-planned, effective lessons with technology.

Laureen K. -- via Yelp on 2013-11-05

I happily recommend Charlie to any and everyone! He is honest, fast, patient, friendly and got the job done. He is my new go-to computer guy from this point forward.

Nina C. -- via Yelp on 2015-09-29

It went very well. Service was for my elderly parents and Charlie was very polite, friendly and patient. He got the job done in about an hour.

William D. -- via Angie's List on 2014-02-21

Excellent customer service! Worked with Charlie on 2 issues - he was able to resolved them fast and efficiently! Definitely will be working with CareTech again.

Andrey S. -- via Yelp on 2017-06-27

I couldn't have been happier with the service. I worked with Charlie directly, who not only fixed my computer quickly, but explained the process thoroughly so even a layman such as myself understood exactly what the options were and what he'd be doing. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who is needing computer help! I love that it is also a small, local shop where the service and communication is personal and specific.

Priscilla T. -- via Yelp on 2016-11-16

I am so excited to have found Charlie's PC Repair. Charlie resolved my problem remotely for a more than fair price, and I was able to ask him for help regarding nagging issues I've been having with my computer. Thank you Charlie...I will highly recommend you to my friends!!!

Charlie's PC repair is amazing; fantastic customer service, very fair rates and they're fast! When we needed some help on our Mac's at our business, Charlie was very quick to respond to our needs. thanks Charlie!!!

John R. -- via Yelp on 2013-11-06

We've been using Charlie and his group for over a year now. Couldn't be happier! They've helped by coming to our home when my husband needed help getting his PC, my PC, and 2 printers all coordinated. Charlie got us a better security program than we had and deleted both Norton and McAfree. We were having a lot of issues with both of those -- including that McAfree doesn't like to be uninstalled. Charlie has helped several times over the internet and phone both when we were home and also when we've been out of the country on vacation. Most recently they transferred everything from my old PC to my new PC. At that same visit, Charlie figured out why I could receive but not send email from my iPad -- another problem resolved! These guys know what they are doing and they won't make you feel like an idiot. Prices are very reasonable. What more could you ask for?

Gloria L. -- via Yelp on 2016-06-13

USE THIS GUY!!!! Quick response and extremely professional, Charlie gave us a receipt for the items we dropped off and started our recovery within hours. We had a fried harddrive but he successfully recovered all of our data. Since our most recent backup was corrupted, this makes Charlie a FREAKIN HERO in our book and he will be our go-to guy in future if we have tech troubles. Can't say enough good things.

Jan B. -- via Yelp on 2015-01-23

Every now and then I encounter a business or service that is so exceptional that I immediately want to tell everyone I know about it. Care-Tech is such a business. Charlie and Devin are super personable and pleasant to deal with and totally honest. I'm writing this on the computer that Charlie repaired -- quickly and extremely reasonably. It's a little neighborhood business -- the kind I love. Easy parking in downtown Edmonds, a completely stress free experience. Let me emphasize again -- great work, done timely -- and friendly -- very reasonable rates and really nice guys who are service-oriented. What more could you ask for? I recommend them unequivocally. As I joked to Charlie when I left, I almost want one of my computers to break again so I'll have reason to patronize them again! BTW, check out their Yelp ratings,too. Wow.

Not Listed -- via Google on 2017-04-12

Absolutely amazing service! Charlie was so helpful, answered all my questions, emailed me back right away, and was totally AFFORDABLE! Plus I was able to access all of my files from his server while I was in the process of buying a new computer - AWESOME!!

MLS S. -- via Yelp on 2013-01-27

Within the last few months I have come several times to Sound IT Solutions for technical help with my lap top. Every time I was welcomed with a smile by the team and then either Joe or Charlie sat down with me and within less than 30 minutes figured out the problem and fixed it. I am very happy to have this friendly and efficient support group right here in Edmonds, close to my own small business. I can recommend Sound IT Solutions with my best conscience.

Barbara Mercer -- via Google on 2018-06-21

These guys are great! They are fair, clear, no BS, just straight efficient service...What a concept! Oh, did I mention patient? They had to deal with this 20th century person who was trying to work on a computer in the 21st century, and they didn't lose their tempers even once (although I had...:- ) Need computer help?Call these guys...! Thanks Charlie and Co. :)

Richard J -- via Yelp on 2018-10-18

I have an HP Z420 workstation that required a clean Win7 Pro install. It's not a straightforward install process to get all the necessary drivers, but Charlie clearly has the expertise; it's now performing as it should. Excellent work, friendly and quick turnaround. Seeing the online status as the repair progressed was also very helpful. Thanks Charlie--I'll see you again whenever I need computer service.

Curt S. -- via Yelp on 2015-05-06

We just got Xfinity internet and added a Linksys router. We switched from Frontier because it was slow and we were having a few intermittent problems and got rid of the Westell modem/router. With the new configuration, after signing into our network, we found that we would be disconnected at random intervals. Sometimes, we were unable to discover the network to sign on again. I called Charlie, and he rapidly narrowed the problem down to some sort of interference. I put the computer with the problem in the same room as a computer not having problems (closer to the router). The problem did not recur. Then he figured out when we moved the computer back to the original room that maybe the router channel should be adjusted. This didn't work at first. It turns out that the offending equipment causing the disconnects was iSymphony. First we disconnected the remote speakers; then, we disconnected the main iSymphony device, and everything on the computer worked perfectly. After reading the iSymphony manual, Charlie determined that he should change the channel for the router to channel 4, since the iSymphony used channels 1-3 and probably cause a conflict in that range. Determining what to do with all these 'moving parts' was awesome, and the fact that the original phone diagnosis pointed the way was impressive also. I will use his expertise in the future.

Steven Rothschild -- via Email on 2011-03-21

Charlie's PC Repair has come to the rescue on a number of occasions when I could just not figure out what was wrong. Charlie is also the master of maintenance and setting up newly purchased PC's! Dana

Dana D. -- via Yelp on 2013-11-17

The staff are not only knowledgeable but also care about their clients. I've had Charlie work on my laptop a few times and he's gone above and beyond to get it fixed on time and had a reasonable price. I've recommended him to several people because I trust him.

Denise M. -- via Yelp on 2015-11-01

Highly recommended: Charlie's PC Repair. Friendly, trustworthy, skilled, = great customer service. Comfortable having him in my home and was at ease with my questions. Needed to let go of my 12 year old computer (sigh) and Charlie not only set up my computer, but he explained every question I had, clearly. He's dependable, followed up with something I couldn't figure out, a few days later... and no question, I will turn to Charlies PC Repair in the future. Thank you, Charlie...

Lauren Naismith -- via Email on 2014-04-17

We worked with Charlie and with Devin and they are so competent. It's comforting to know that our small network is monitored by people who understand the virus/anti-malware program now in use. I also had to switch to a new computer and they were extremely helpful with that transition. I highly recommend their services.

Susan S. -- via Yelp on 2016-08-07

Reasonably priced, fast and efficient computer repair. I'll never use anyone else! Friday afternoon, cocktail hour I spill my drink on my laptop -- dang. Saturday morning I look for a local repair place and send Charlie an email. I get a quote from him, order the part and a few days later he comes to my office, fixes the laptop and I'm back up and running. That experience was so good I sent my wife's computer with him. It had died a couple weeks before. A week later he's back to our place with the computer repaired and my wife can now sync her phone with her itunes account again! It's the best kind of local personal service you could ask for.

Rick A. -- via Yelp on 2013-10-05

I called Charlie 6pm on a Saturday after my beloved dog Baxter attempted to save my life from my evil external hard drive during a backup. The drive was yanked by the cord and fell off the table braking the 4-pin/USB connector. The hard drive was for back up purposes but had other important items stored on it as well. I had planned on doing my own computer maintenance this weekend so I needed my HD fixed quickly. Charlie got back to me extremely quick and was patient and understanding. He said I could bring the HD by no problem for him to look at (again on a Saturday at 6pm). His customer service and knowledge is beyond the norm. He was very descriptive and actually cared about me getting my personal information back. He could have simply said sorry, buy a new one or exported the information to a new drive for a heavy fee, but he didn't. He was honest and assisted in a very cost effective matter. I am extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend calling Charlie for any IT needs. You don't get this kind of service now days. Thanks so much Charlie!

Jon R. -- via Yelp on 2010-10-29

So I have a Dell that I ordered from the company's website that died a slow death probably because it was 'Walking Dead' infected. Malware, viruses, and what have you. After finally having enough inconveniences occur due to not having a computer I finally decided to have it fixed. I don't really have any friends that are good with computers and money is always tight so naturally I had to find the best deal possible. I opened up Yelp and looked through what PC repairs were near me in Edmonds and what had good ratings and stumbled upon Charlie's PC Repair. It was a well-reviewed business with a neat and spiffy website. Also the fact that it didn't have a store-front and was run out of one of the employee's apartments made it seem more appealing. I'm sure having a storefront business isn't cheap and if a company could operate without those, savings would likely trickle down to the consumer. While some may be skeptical dealing with a business outside of a normal business setting, trust me Charlie's is worth it. Just be sure that when you drop off your PC that you look carefully at the email and what apartment number to go to. My dumb ass went to the wrong door at first and probably freaked out the people on the other side of the door cuz i waited there for like 5 minutes and knocked on the door probably way too long for them to be comfortable with. All I wanted was to get my PC back to baseline health, back to the way it was when i first opened it out of the box. When I picked up my PC a few days later, actually the work was done earlier than expected, it was like new. My computer was back to normal. The work was done early. Charlie and his staff did the job right with no surprises. If anybody asks me if they know a guy who's good with computers I will not hesitate to refer them to Charlie's PC Repair.

Alvin M. -- via Yelp on 2014-07-07

Wow. Let me just say first off that I had had a LOT of trouble finding someone who could even help assess the damage incurred by my laptop after a fateful fall due to my dog's vigorously wagging tail. After tinkering around myself a bit, trying out a few different local shops (who all told me complete nonsense and still charged me for diagnostics), Mike from Charlie's PC Repair took on the case, dug in, and found out exactly what I had expected all along: I had a faulty fan and a pair of bad hard-drives (though thank God for backing things up). He took apart my overly complicated laptop frame, diagnosed, ordered a replacement fan and installed, fixed my broken touchpad, and even went to the effort to find a replacement #7 key for my keyboard that disappeared somewhere in my attempted self-repair process. And all well under my fairly tight specified budget. With Charlie's PC Repair at the helm, I am extremely excited to have my laptop back up and running. I should never have gone anywhere else. ;) An over-used term I know, but A+++ service for Charlie's PC Repair. Sincerely, A Very Satisfied Local Customer PS - I did have a little trouble getting in touch with them initially via phone, but I later found out that Charlie has recently become a Father and was not checking voicemail often. Try Facebook or Email first to contact them.

K.M. -- via Yelp on 2014-04-03

Computer repair always used to be a frustrating experience, but Charlie and Devin have taken all the pain out of it. They are fast, expert and reasonably priced. Not only that, but they are creative when it comes to finding parts. I spilled lemon water on my keyboard and the letter T stopped working. Within a couple days Charlie had found and installed a whole new front plate, including a new keyboard. For a very reasonable price they can also make a regular laptop into a solid state, super fast one. And they're not condescending! Yay for Care Tech!

Marty R. -- via Yelp on 2017-07-25

Great service. Very knowledgeable and a fair price. I would recommend using Charlie again. His services are out of his apartment and he has a day job, but if you can work around that you will get great service. He took extra time to walk me through the various virus and spam protection that he enabled. I will be looking to use him for our small business needs.

Tom S. -- via Yelp on 2013-12-29

I was referred to Charlie through a mutual friend. I am completly shocked at how well my laptop behaves now much more streamline in my systems loading time. Then I followed his suggestion & added some memory ...WOW !!! What a difference that has made for me. He even set me up with some easy installation instruction so I could do it myself, being as I reside out of state. Thank you again charlie for all you have done you've earned a customer ...and I will refer anyone I know to you.

David Roberts -- via Facebook on 2011-04-25

It is stressful to have pc problems and not know how to fix them. I finally found a trustworthy solution when I met Charlie at CareTech in downtown Edmonds. I've met him and other staff in person and also got service by remote login. They have saved my laptop and my sanity. For a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend.

Linda K. -- via Yelp on 2017-02-16

Computer repair made easy & quick. Dropped off 2 laptops with Charlie on Saturday morning, estimated return time mid-week. They called Sunday evening to let me know they were ready so picked them up Monday - 2 day turnaround, and at a reasonable price...Amazing!! Laid back & easy to deal with young guys, and supporting a small local business as well.

Ted P. -- via Yelp on 2015-02-09

I had a great experience here! Super friendly and professional customer service! Charlie took down and reset up a complex business server and network for us. He was reliable, proficient and super organized. He also did everything with a smile!I can't recommend him enough.

Dawn C. -- via Yelp on 2015-09-30

Charlie's PC Repair exceeded all of my expectations. Charlie is a great guy with a great gift in helping people with their computer needs. I have been to many computer repair shops and this guy is at the top of the list and he will be the first call that I make if/when I have any repair needs in the future. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Charlie!

Shaun Burke on 2011-12-13

Professional, competent and affordable. Many thanks to Devin and Charlie for doing a good job in solving many computer issues. I found them also through, Yelp.

M A W -- via Yelp on 2017-07-17

I am so happy that I called Charlie for my laptop repair! I've never had any computer repair done before, so was feeling a bit anxious about the whole thing. Charlie put me at ease as soon as he walked in my door. He was professional in a very accessible way. It was so nice having him pick up and also return my laptop. Bonus: My printer had suddenly decided it wanted to be difficult, so Charlie fixed that for me too! I will definitely call him again if I need help and will wholeheartedly recommend him to my friends.

Jill F. -- via Yelp on 2012-11-18

Based on a recommendation from a friend, I recently contacted Charlie, at CareTech in Edmonds. My 8-year-old laptop was not working right. I proceeded to take my computer in for a "checkup". It was time for a replacement. After some discussion with Charlie I decided to purchase a refurbished computer from CareTech. I am beyond pleased with the customer service, patience and help afforded me in the installation of this new computer. I am a woman of a certain age, not as computer savvy as some of my friends and family. I have complete trust in CareTech, knowing they will be there for additional help, and will always do right by me. Charlie and Rob are the best. It is great to have CareTech in Edmonds. I try to shop and do business locally as much as possible!

Susan K. -- via Yelp on 2018-02-02

I can't say enough good things about Charlie. He's the kind of person you immediately know is honest and trustworthy -- and he never makes you feel stupid and uninformed (although I'm definitely not computer-literate)! He was prompt, courteous and solved my problem very quickly at a very fair price. I couldn't get on the internet, so I called Charlie in the morning and he returned my call within the hour. Not only that, but he came by and diagnosed my problem that evening, took the laptop home with him and had the problem taken care of by the next evening!! You may be sure that Charlie will receive all my business in the future, and two of my friends have already called him and been just as happy. It was a pleasure doing business with Charlie.

Barbara D. -- via Yelp on 2012-10-05

Charlie and his team at Care Tech have bailed my out so many times. I am tech phobic so to know that they care about my tech stuff and have the skills to fix things things is a huge relief. Charlie just made a house call and got my TV to sink up with the internet in 10 minutes. Just in time to catch the football game with my grandkids. Highly recommend them.

Jon S. -- via Yelp on 2016-12-14

Charlie was not only communicative and prompt, but he bent over backwards to meet the estimate. The job was done perfectly, and my laptop is like new again. Thank you Charlie -- I would recommend you to anyone!!

Bill Phillips on 2011-11-17

Wonderful. They went above and beyond. They spent time talking with my 13 year old son, who had a component failure on a PC that he built. They talked to him like he was a person, not a child. Go see these people. This is the kind of place that raises the bar for everyone else. Don't let the sometimes slow call back deter you. Charlie and Kellen have made me a VERY loyal customer. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. Good luck and good business to CareTech! Excellent. Amazing. Awesome. Thank you, guys!

Jim B. -- via Yelp on 2016-05-15

Highly recommend Charlie he is friendly and affordable. This service is a safety net for my family I no longer worry about my computer.

Naomi C. on 2011-11-14

Amazing tech support! We recently killed one of our laptops (who knew a glass of water could be so bad?) and needed help recovering the data on the hard drive and migrating it to the new laptop. The guys at CareTech fit us in the same day, and had us up and running by the afternoon. Charlie did a good job of explaining our options to us and helping us make a decision. This is not the first time I've used them, and it certainly won't be the last. They treat those of us who are less-than-tech-savvy with respect, explain things well, and are fast and efficient. What more could you ask for? Thanks, guys.

Carla F. -- via Yelp on 2016-06-30

Charlie and Kellen were beyond great. I brought in my PC on a Saturday; Kellen worked on it for hours. Then Charlie continued to work on it the next day, a Sunday (Valentine's Day, no less!) Talk about dedication. And they were both as pleasant as could be. They figured out the problem, and their price was fair (better than fair). I give them my highest recommendation!

Candace B. -- via Yelp on 2016-02-21

I was thrilled with the service that I received from CareTech. Charlie came to our house to help with several items that we had been struggling with. He was just great, and got our Macs doing everything we wanted them to in just over two hours. The price was very fair, and I was happy that he would come to the house, some of the issues we were having were with wireless scanning and printing. They were able to schedule for the day after I had called the office. Done! It is a real relief to get up and running, I highly recommend CareTech.

Kim A. -- via Yelp on 2016-08-01

I live in Southern California. Charlie works on my computer remotely. He is patient, and explains things thoroughly, important for the non-techie type (me)! He's professional, courteous, and honest.

Anita Kinnaman Allison -- via Facebook on 2018-12-25

I’ve been a customer with Sound IT since 2016 (started with them when they were CareTech) and could not be more satisfied with their services. As a small business owner, and now especially as I remotely work, I need expert and quick help when I need it. I love the peace of mind it gives me to know that Charlie and his team are out there ready to promptly respond to my calls for help. There’s never been a question of mine, or a problem I’ve had, that they didn’t know how to troubleshoot. They’re patient with all my questions and I learn something new each time. If you’ve never utilized a tech support service I think you will be very glad when you give Charlie and his team a chance. They’re trustworthy and they’ll carry you through all the stress and unexpected challenges that come with using tech. Sherri A Urann with Educational Assistance LLC

Sherri Urann -- via Email on 2020-10-29

Everything was absolutely great. Very, very helpful, timely, inexpensive, local(Edmonds) and friendly. They were recommended to me on fb and I will continue to use them, if needed, fingers crossed! Will for sure recommend them to others. Thank you Charlie and Kellen

Debra McLaughlin -- via Facebook on 2017-04-24

I am so grateful to CareTech and Charlie Coutts for helping me get back my lost email and also re-installing my Microsoft office. My Apple computer was purchased by my husband and everything was installed in his name. After his death in April, I needed to convert the Apple I had been using to my name. Staff at the Apple Store did the conversion but all of my emails were lost and I was not able to access the Microsoft Office applications and my word documents. What a relief when Charlie got everything back for me. Thank you! I'll be back! Best money I have ever spent! Ann H.

Ann H. -- via Yelp on 2017-09-28

Fast, efficient, experienced, and professional! Charlie and his awesome team know what they are doing, and they make sure the work is done properly. Charlie streamline everything, including those little details you'll never come up with yourself. They also don't charge you an arm and a leg like some other companies. Charlie really cares about his service, so I'd heartily recommend him and his team at CareTech.

Yumi T. -- via Yelp on 2016-10-05